ConfBay Conference Management System


ConfBay System is a FREE trial Conference Management System that is easy to use in managing paper submission, registration, payment and paper review. This conference management system facilitates the management of conferences, seminars and workshops using a web-based software with flexible features to make your life easy. It helps the conference organizers to work systematically in monitoring and making decision because the main process of organizing a conference using this conference management system is automatic.


Author & Participant;

  • Registration
  • Submission of Abstract, Full Paper, Camera Ready and Copyright
  • Receive Notifications Emails – Registration, Submissions, Acceptance Letter, Invoice, Receipt
  • Ability to check status submission
  • Secured Online Payment



  • Receive Notification Emails - Invitation, Paper to Review and Thank you Emails.
  • Online Submission Reviewer Form - Standard Format Template
  • Automatic weightage Rating


Administrator (Organizer)

  • Monitoring Participant Registration
  • Manage manuscript submission, assign to reviewer
  • Ability to edit dates, event details, emails wording, invoice, receipt, webpage content etc.
  • Reviewer Invitation, assign manuscript, monitoring reviewer assessments.
  • Report Downloadable
  • Access to Participant/Presenter profile details
  • Email Notifications Template, Invoice, Receipt ready to use at a click
  • Report Customizable – Selection of field to report, downloadable to excel
  • Program Book (NEW)
  • 24hr Support
  • System ready to be used in 24 hrs
  • Full access to the System 24/7